about the Oceanography and coastal engineering group
Yannis N. Krestenitis
Professor of Coastal Engineering & Oceanography, School of Civil Engineering, AUTh | Curriculum Vitae | email
Theophanis Karambas
Professor of Coastal Mechanics, School of Civil Engineering, AUTh | Curriculum Vitae | email
Yannis Androulidakis
Dr, MSc , Oceanographer (AUTh) | Curriculum Vitae | email
Katerina Kombiadou
Dr, MSc Environmental Protection (AUTh), Civil Engineer (AUTh) | Curriculum Vitae | email
Zoi Konstantinou
Dr, MSc Environmental Protection (AUTh), Marine Scientist (University of Aegean) | email
Christos Makris
Dr, MSc (NTUA), Civil Engineer (AUTh) | Curriculum Vitae | email
Vasilis Baltikas
PhD candidate, MSc Environmental Protection (AUTh), Civil Engineer (DUTh) | email
research projects
:: European Coastal sea OPerational observing and forecasting system (ECOOP)
:: Mediterranean Forecasting System Towards Environmental Predictions (MFSTEP)
:: Science and Policy Integration for Coastal System Assessment (SPICOSA)
:: Prevention and Management of Coastal Originated Risks to the Coastal Zone (CORI)
:: Southern European Seas: Assessing and Modelling Ecosystem changes (SESAME)
:: Innovative technologies for safer European coasts in a changing climate (THESEUS)
:: PYTHAGORAS (Environment): The effect of Benthic Ascidians to the distribution of particulate matter in the marine environment
:: Technological and oceanographic cooperation network for the study of mechanisms fertilizing the NE Aegean Sea (THALES)
:: Estimating the effects of Climate Change on SEA level and WAVe climate of the greek Seas, coastal volnerability and safety of coastal and marine structures (CCSEAWAVS THALES)
:: Wave climate and coastal circulation forecasts For public Use (WaveForUs)
Panagiotou M., Antoniadou C., Krestenitis Y. and Chintiroglou C. (2007), “Stock assessment of the dominant ascidians: Microcosmus savignyi, Styela plicata and Phallusia mammillata, in Thessaloniki Bay (Thermaikos Gulf)”, Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, Vol. 16, pp. 1012-1019
Valioulis, I. A. and Krestenitis, Y. N. (1994), "Investigation of the deep water formation in the N. Aegean Sea basin", in: Hydraulic Engineering Software V, Vol 2 Free Surface Flow and Hydraulic Software , Ed. W.R. Blain and K.L. Katsifarakis, pp. 107-114